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Joe Ledger: Special Ops

Joe Ledger: Special Ops - Jonathan Maberry My full Joe Ledger: Special Ops audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

I was so excited to listen to more Ledger that I didn't even realize that the first two stories were also included in Joe Ledger: The Missing Files. Initially I was very irritated. Thinking that I just got duped to spend money on stories that I already own. Then came the new ones and all was forgiven.

I love the creativity of Maberry. He is able to take a simple series of the most engrossing characters and weave them in and out of all the stand alone novels and his other series. And it isn't annoying to me at all. It just makes my want to explore more of the world, yes he is creating a singular world, that he has crafted.

Many of the stories contained in Joe Ledger: Special Ops serve multiple purposes. First, they are a great way for newcomers to this storyline to explore without getting too involved. Second, they let us, the listeners, know what is going on in between full length novels. This is important to die-hard fans. Sure there are some major spoilers for many of the novels, but this is great, Maberry has added disclaimers at the beginning of each to let us know if we should continue or not.

Even if you are like me and do not really like anthologies. Yet you're a Ledger / Maberry fan. You will eat this short collection for breakfast. So if you love or even hat Ledger, do your self a favor and listen to this one.

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