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Suffer the Children

Suffer the Children - Craig DiLouie My full Suffer the Children audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

First we are introduced to several families and how happy and content they are together. Painting a picture of true love and contentment. Until it isn't. Suffer the Children is a tale of extreme loss and heartbreak. As every child that has yet to reach puberty dies almost instantly, for no good reason and no warning signs.

We then get to watch how the parents, that have lost their young ones, get sucked into depression and angst. Especially with those that are forced to clean up the communities of the plethora of small dead bodies. As the world starts to finally make so sense of what happen to all the children, something no one expected happens. Some of the kids return home.

Everything is gumdrops and popsicles again until again the children appear to die and reawaken. Until one mother figures out what they need to survive, her blood. What if a pint of blood would only guarantee another hour of time with your little one? How far would you go? If I was a parent I can only imagine that I would be happy to do anything for my child survival, would you?

DiLouie masterfully crafts a twisted take on the typical vampire story. Making the listener ask themselves those very questions. While tearing your heart out with anticipation only to forcefully shove it back in so the adrenaline can pump. Until it is ripped out again. I was glued to my earbuds, wanting more. I devoured this audiobook in less that two sittings. If you want a uniquely terrifying, that questions your morals, you need this audiobook.

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