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Life Among the Dead

Life Among the Dead - Daniel Cotton My full Life Among the Dead audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Life Among the Dead starts off really well with a walk through of a few survivors experience in the first hours of the zompocolypse. Daniel Cotton does a nice job of introducing characters at a comprehensible pace so the listener has a chance to identify with them. We start with Dan the reservist who just wants to find his pregnant wife. I really liked the down to earth attitude he had about the whole situation. Then there is Becca the closet nerd, who is a cheerleader. She is the ideal girl, smart, beautiful, and funny, until she does something so horrible that I actually was shocked by this twist. They link up with an elderly couple across the street, which is where the adventure really takes off.

The group heads off to the urban sprawl of downtown, to the hospital where Dan’s wife has a huge “little” surprise. At the hospital the initial group meets more survivors, some good, others not so much. This is the one problem I had with the book; I feel it could have been split up so there wasn’t this always evolving cast of characters. After they leave the hospital to make their way to Dan’s uncles farm when they get separated. Dan stumbles into a crazy possessed as a messiah, who wants to kill him. After he escapes, he continues his mission to reunite with his wife where all sorts of interesting things happen along the way.

After he makes his way to the farm, where he meets up with his wife, son, and the original group from the hospital, they start making long term plans to survive. They wall off the neighboring town and farms. They get a real community started. After the winter Bruce (Dan’s uncle) sets out with a military officer named Rash to find Dan’s parents. Things go wrong along the way. Thankfully for a group of children and a couple of adults (from the hospital of course) found his journal with directions back to New Castle. Like I mentioned would have better split up but all in all it was a great book. Well thought out and well written, I will be checking out book two.

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