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The Park Service

The Park Service - Ryan Winfield My full The Park Service audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

From the first word Winfield captured my imagination. I was hooked before I would have admitted it. Nuclear holocaust forced the human population underground for 900 years. Aubrey, our focus, has grownup never knowing sunlight, or any of the things that us top dwellers take for granted.

Having been taught that the surface is unsafe for humans. That there are several levels of the underground, each in charge of a different need of the people. When some one reached the age of fifteen, considered a man, the teens have to take a test. This is to see if they are worthy of going to level one to assist the foundation in their research. In 900 years no one has been chosen, until now.

Aubrey is selected because of the answer to one question. He is sent to level one and this is where The Park Service gets really interesting. The subterranean train crashes, leaving Aubrey for dead. Except he does not die and discovers what has been hidden from everyone for hundreds of years. Quickly he befriends a native boy Jimmy and is shown the wonders of the surface.

The Park Service is an all out epic adventure story that redefined, for me, the true meaning of friendship, love and loss. Winfield made me think in ways that I haven't for a very long time, if ever. I laughed, I cried, I was in awe, I was surprised. I was glued. I cannot wait to get into the rest of the trilogy. Geared towards the young adult crowd or not, this was an grand story written in a style that I love.

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