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XOM-B - Jeremy Robinson My full Xom-B audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

At first glance the cover looks pretty tame. What could go on with robots, err, I mean androids? Then I looked closer and noticed the subtle bite wounds around the flesh of arm. What could this mean? Robot zombies? That could be entertaining.

Xom-B takes place in the future, a time were people have developed androids to do their bidding. People could get "upgraded" to look prettier, be smarter, see better, etc. All the while their android slave grind away at the thing that make the society what it is. I almost wish that more was told about the grind and how life came to be like this. More was revealed latter, but I can get impatient. All of a sudden people start dieing, everywhere, even in the middle of conversations.

Now I don't want to delve into the plot and characters too much as most of it would spoil your listening experience. I will say this. Robots and zombies mixed in with a truly satisfying science fiction dystopian society make for a great audiobook. I was fully encapsulated within the story and would fight going to sleep to hear just a bit more.

Even though it is slow starting it becomes full of interesting and complex characters that would evolve from seeming weaklings to self confident heroes. Anti-heroes that start off seeming not so bad transform into almost super villains. And enough plot twists and turns that kept me guessing, except for the ones I figured out.

Are you looking for a zombie story that doesn't have the main focus on the zombies? Maybe you want a great science fiction tale that doesn't focus solely on the technologies of the time. You could just be looking for another great dystopian adventure. Guess what, you get all of that with Xom-B. Yes much of it is so familiar that you would swear to reading it elsewhere, but I assure you that you haven't heard it put together like this. I have couple other Robinson audiobooks in my queue and will continue to look for them in the future.

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