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The Housemates

The Housemates - Iain Rob Wright My full The Housemates audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Remember the TV show Big Brother combine that with the Saw movies and you have The Housemates in a nutshell. Full of all the gore, the suspense, the mystery and the need for more that you would expect from such a pairing.

The story surrounds one of the eleven people that think they are on a reality TV game show, Damien. A seemingly pretty normal guy, who seems to be there for all the right reasons. Only to find out on the first day that there is more going on than they were led to believe. Each of the eleven have done terrible things in their past and now they have been gathered to pay the ultimate price and satisfy their victims hunger for revenge.

Each day, has the formulaic flow of most reality shows, the participants must take part in a challenge and then vote two to face each other face to face. The twist is they must battle one another for their lives. Once a competitor falls, their sins are revealed to the rest of the group.

The Housemates is a great exploration of group dynamics under duress. Full of surprises and plot twists that kept me guessing until the very end. Believable characters, and somewhat believable situations. Part of the success that Wright has with The Housemates is because we are all familiar with reality TV. The twist lies within the psychopaths that are in charge.

I would have liked more of a deeper knowledge of the eleven, and the landlord, more character development, even though much was revealed. I understand why there wasn't so much for some, but I still would have liked to know more about some of them. This could have made this audiobook longer and more fulfilling.

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