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Time of Death: Induction (Time of Death #1)

Time of Death: Induction (Time of Death #1) - Shana Festa My full Time of Death: Induction audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

I was intrigued that a book reviewer could turn or would author. I know that reviewers spend a lot of time picking apart the works, hopes and dreams, of others. So in theory a reviewer should be able to put the best techniques together into one masterpiece, right?

Time of Death: Induction is an action packed zombie filled thrill ride from outbreak to what is left afterwards. I really liked how the story starts with a shambling figure walking up to car for a meal. Really sets the tone for what's to come.

Starting off in the pre-apocalypse with Emma, a nursing student, and her husband Jake. Festa included a lot of humor in the story, I always love that, especially with my favorite chapter and chapter title "Code Brown". Yea it has nothing to do at all with zombies but it is laugh out loud bodily function hilarity at it's best.

Quickly the city of Cape Coral, Florida goes to hell. I am reminded of the Married with Zombies series for a while the husband and wife team try to survive in the madness, and get pretty good at it.

Everything was going great until the last hour or so of the audiobook. All of a sudden, my interest and attention waned. I have even tried to listen to it again and the same thing happened. The only thing I can think of is the story changed direction within this time frame. It started to go from almost hopeless zombie survival to peaches and cream.

All in all Time of Death: Induction was a great listen. However there wasn't anything particularly unique to this zombie apocalypse, I am fine with that, as the excellent characters and great writing kept me hooked. Just another perspective to a genre that many of us know very well. So if you are craving zombies, needing your fix, do not miss out on a story that will quench your desires and not make you think hard. Just sit back and enjoy.

I don't think that there wasn't a better choice than Sarah Tancer for the narration. Even though I has never listened to any of her performances before, I will be looking for more from her.

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