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Mountain Man

Mountain Man - Keith C. Blackmore, Lynn O' Dell My full Mountain Man audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

All of the euphemisms for toilet paper in this audiobook stuck out to me: Crap Wrap, Ass Wipe, TP, Apocalypse Gold and Anal Gold. These names I’ve never heard of had me rolling around laughing in my work chair and almost made my Asian noodles shoot out my nose.

Augustus "Gus" Berry is back for a full-length adventure. Remember, we first met him in The Hospital, and some time has passed since this debauch. For a moment early on, I thought this was going to be a story of one man's quest, in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, to find all the remaining pillowy softness a guy could want. Now we get to really know what Gus is all about.

When you break this story down, it’s really all about survival. One man's struggle to be comfortable while at home. Yes, this does take a considerable amount of work for Gus to keep the food, water, crap wrap, oh and don't forget his booze supplies, to their maximum.

We get to follow Gus on several of these supply runs and experience the close calls, the elation and the terror as he does. Then the inevitable day comes when he encounters actual living people, something that hasn't happened for a while. Now there are two.

The secondary story of the Mountain Man is one of love, and not romance, but rather the kind of wordless brotherly love that I have only seen between two men. Until a third person enters the story.

Blackmore wasn't able to fool me with his plot twists, as I saw most of them coming, but that did not take away at all from the great survival story with zombies. This was not about, mainly anyways, how cruel and brutal humans can be in a zombie apocalypse, like most in this genre.

I was sucked in almost immediately and couldn't stop listening. I want more Mountain Man!

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