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Temperature: Dead + Rising

Temperature: Dead + Rising - Adam Santo My full Temperature: Dead and Rising audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Sally wakes up naked in an unfamiliar place with no memories of how or when she got there. She is in the city morgue with a male stranger standing over her. Only to find that all of her friends that were in the car while touring Pike's Peak in Colorado were all killed. She was brought back to life through black magic and a centuries old undead sorcerer. Even though Sally is "alive" once more, actually she is now undead. She is now, for lack of a better term, invincible. Even though her body still thinks she is alive, therefore craving for food, drink and even sex. Now they are both on the run from the Church, not sure if this means the Christians or just a fanatic organization of undead hunters.

This was an interesting black magic undead adventure that was interesting. I feel like the story was told really fast with little description drawing me in. I think it was the narration that prevented me from connecting to anything in the story. Allowing my attention to be swayed.

Full of paranormal creatures, sex, violence, mystery and intrigue. Santo truly has a vivid imagination and I think that he will continue to evolve as the series does. For that reason I will not shy away from more of his work.

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