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Code Zero

Code Zero - Jonathan Maberry My full Code Zero audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Once again the Department of Military Sciences (DMS) are called to action. Joe Ledger and his elite team are confronted with a seemingly unbeatable nemesis that endangers the world. At first glance it may seem kind of silly or unbelievable, but this series is so much more than that. This is where the writing skills of Jonathan Maberry come into play. If you have never listened to a Joe Ledger Novel in the past, not sure where you have been, you will be happy to know that you will be able to enjoy this sixth book in the series. No prior knowledge is needed, while it is full of flashbacks and references to characters and events from the prior books, everything is explained very well. Joe Ledger, possibly the worlds best killing machine, is happy. He is starting to rebuild his life with a new love. His team is at the top of their game. Queue the villain, Mother Night, the leader of an bunch of what are thought to be simple anarchists, they are so much more than that. What was different for me was the story speed slow down, less action, but much much more character building of both living and of the ones that have passed, and not in a boring way. Maberry brought together all the horrible things from all of the previous books and multiplied them by 100. The DMS definitely had their hands full being attacked by so many different angles. Pulse pounding action, horrifying situations, and an ending that brought me to tears. This will continue to be one of my favorite series that I will drop everything to consume the next installment as fast as possible and begin the excruciating wait for the next one.

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