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Superheroes in Prose Volume Two: The Ballad of M

Superheroes in Prose Volume Two: The Ballad of M - Sevan Paris My full Superheroes in Prose, Volume Two: The Ballad of M audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

I am happy to say that Paris does not waste out time with a re introduction of the characters involved here. Starts of with and continues with a very fast pace. Staring Gabe the reluctant super with stupid awesome powers and that annoying symbiotic alien "M".

I find it difficult to give a basic rundown of short stories without giving everything away. I will say this there is time travel, ray guns and a super villain involved in this installment. "M" has more of a featured role as opposed to last time.

While these are very short stories or chapters or volumes, whatever you want to call them. They are still complete in every aspect. Fully satisfying, cynical and entertaining glimpses into a parallel Earth where superheroes really exist. These are meant to be fun stories and Paris is evolving as a writer with each chapter.

I am pretty sure that Bryan Reid is related to or channels Trey Parker, one of the founders of South Park. I say this because his narration style reminds my of Cartman so much. Makes me laugh so hard. The subtle and not so subtle sarcasm that he is able to inject into every place that Paris wanted it is perfection.

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