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Deadlocked - A.R. Wise My full Deadlocked 1 audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

For a free audio book Deadlocked 1 wasn't a bad story. Sure it was short, but it laid the ground work for a series that I will pursue, because I was able to be pulled in, identifying and caring for the characters. Here we are introduced to the beginning or the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse. Following one man, David, as he discovers what is happening to the world around him and somehow out smarts the living dead that wants him for lunch, while trying to save the ones he loves. Full of the demented people that always seem to emerge withing apocalyptic scenarios, scenes that could have been more tense than they were. Hordes of blood thirsty shambling "cannibals" as they were once referred to. Nothing stood out as a unique take on the genre, entertaining none the less. Then there was the ending that was a bit of a surprise but also helped everything make sense, along with the free preview of the next book in the series. Now I have to know what happens.

Audiobook purchased by me.