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A Warm Place to Call Home (a Demon's Story)

A Warm Place to Call Home (a Demon's Story) - Michael Siemsen My full A Warm Place to Call Home: A Demon's Story audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

I had the good fortune to have to work some overtime at work, where I listen to a majority of my audio books, and somehow was able to be left unbothered for the entirety of A Warm Place to Call Home: A Demon's Story, only taking my ear buds out to go to the bathroom. We are presented with a story of Fredrick, a demon, that asks us to decide if he is the protagonist or antagonist of this tale. The whole story is presented from his point of view, he only remembers when he started to exist and doesn't know how he came to be or why. Spending much time jumping from person to person to experience different things, upon leaving the bodies the people who once were are left as mere shell. Then he finds Melanie, he is instantly infatuated with and seeks a way to be the focus of her attention, something he can only do with a body, not just any body though, he had to find one that she was already familiar with and preferably already involved with. Thus Fredrick begins to weave a very tangled web of deceit, love and loss and love again, jealously, a full gamut of feelings and emotions. Not sure if it means that there is something wrong with me but I was able to identify and relate to Fredrick on so may different levels, I developed my own feelings for Melanie, I laughed out loud, cried on the inside, got angry and felt sympathy, therefore a complete success for Siemsen becuase being able to play with so many of my emotions is not easy. A Warm Place to Call Home: A Demon's Story is a highly imaginative unique paranormal love story that was compelling enough to keep me interested and engaged, while there were a few areas that lingered too long, I was not disappointed at all. As for Fredrick's question, protagonist or antagonist, I have my answer what is yours?

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