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Deadlocked 2

Deadlocked 2 - A.R. Wise My full Deadlocked 2 audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Like I said earlier Deadlocked 2 picks up, without missing beat, immediately after the first book but from David's wife Laura's perspective. The zombie apocalypse continues to allow the crazy's to come out of the wood work, not sure how they manage but they do. Now it is up to Laura to keep the family together. She's powered by adrenaline, grief, Oxycontin and the fundamental instinct to protect her children. Wise believes that women characters are, more often that not, not portrayed as real women probably would be in these situations. I find it very refreshing when a strong willed stand alone female protagonists hit my ear, there should be more. I will be listening to the next chapter, I just can't help myself.

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