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The Atlantis Gene

The Atlantis Gene  - A.G. Riddle My full The Atlantis Gene: The Origin Mystery, Book 1 audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

The Atlantis Gene: The Origin Mystery, Book 1 is a highly complex science fiction mystery thriller that made some pretty huge promises to me, via all of the other positive reviews. Several mini-stories are told that all eventually end up binding together. We have aliens, I think or at least some sort of supreme beings. A secret organization, Clocktower, that is found to be much older and powerful than anyone, even those in the organization, thought possible. We have an American Autism researcher based in Indonesia. All of this created some confusion with me questioning what is actually happening and, ultimately getting lost. Once I got my footing in one plot line I was thrust into a completely different one. I found the lengthy explanations of seemingly mundane tasks quite tedious, making some scenes very difficult for me to get through without my mind wandering. The biggest thing was I couldn't connect or even care for any of the characters, something that easily elevates even the most mundane of stories. What I liked was what The Atlantis Gene could have been, or what I thought it was going to be, an all out action packed, thought provoking, tension creating, alien invading super spy thriller. As for the description of Dan Brown + Michael Crichton = A. G. Riddle, didn't add up for me. However I congratulate Riddle in being able sell a ton of books for his first novel and I see many bright spots in his future, but for me I don't think I will be continuing with this series. However you may think it is the cat's meow.

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