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On the Lips of Children

On the Lips of Children - Mark  Matthews My full On the Lips of Children audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Starting out great with a view of a woman trapped in the dark, underground somewhere, with little memory of how she got there. I really liked where Mark Matthews was going with this. Sort of a The Hills have Eyes twist with the running trail has eyes. Simply a "family" of meth addicts live under a running trail and their only way of getting more money for more meth is to kidnap unsuspecting souls. To me meth heads are more terrifying than pretty much anything. No cares other than that next fix and destroying everything in their path. Making them great antagonists for any horror tale.

We get to know a young hipster couple and their daughter, that are training for a marathon. Macon, the father, gets nabbed by the meth heads. They demand $10,000 for his release. Beginning an adrenaline filled cat and mouse game of survival and deceit. I found I could not connect with any of the characters or the circumstances of the story, keeping me from fully enjoying everything that Matthews created.

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