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The Colony: Genesis (The Colony, #1)

The Colony: Genesis (The Colony, #1) - Michaelbrent Collings My full The Colony: Genesis audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

The Colony: Genesis is the first book, novella or whatever you want to call it, in a huge undertaking by Michaelbrent Collings. He says himself that the series is panning out to be half a million (500,000) words, which could be translated to approximately 50 hours in audiobook. The Colony: Genesis starts off with a bang. All of a sudden everyone is going, what looks like, insane. Attacking each other, running around madly, or that's what it seems like to Ken Strickland, a mild mannered school teacher. Who's first mission is to escape his school. Then throughout he meets up with others like him. With the use vivid descriptions of gore and madness, very short chapters, of which each seems to end with a cliff hanger. I was kept at the edge of my seat, full of anticipation of what is about to happen. Collings also states, in the afterword from the author, that he wanted a create a zombie story that focuses more on the zombies then on the heinous monsters that humans can turn into in apocalyptic situations. This was made very apparent When something strange happens to the zombies, they all, at the same time stop moving or attacking and just stand there. As if they are in a trance of some sort. While the secondary characters had little development. I felt Ken was explained very well. He could be any normal person that is searching for his family, hoping that they too have survived as long as he has. While it is never explained what happens to "turn" almost everyone into mindless, or are they, walking corpses. I felt like I didn't need the explanation as I am sure more will be revealed in future installments. If you are looking for an very fast paced action packed, tension filled, zombie assault, with a little more that in "normal" for this genre, you have to check out this audiobook.

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