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You Only Die Twice

You Only Die Twice - Christopher Smith My full You Only Die Twice audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

On the times in the past where I listened to an audiobook about a psychopath serial killer, there haven’t been many, but there have been some, they were told from the point of view of the cop that was hunting him down. With few insights into the mind of the killer. You Only Die Twice is not that kind of story. We are taken deep into the mind and the workings of not only one serial killer but two. Learning how they became the way they are, by ways of trouble childhoods. We are also drawn in emotionally to the victims, something I, personally, could have done without, I wanted more of the killers and they obvious insanity. Early on we meet Cheryl, who is one of the victims who actually was brutalized and left for dead. Who somehow was able to put some semblance of life back together. Going out to a bar with a close friend to only wake up the next morning with no memory of what had happened the night before. Finding that she was sexually assaulted on video and if she told anyone her friend would die. Heartbreaking, I know. But the heart and soul of this story belongs to the friend and her fight to survive not one, but two killers in the wilderness of Maine. You Only Die Twice is a no holds barred assault on your emotions. I couldn’t stop listening for a second, devouring this whole audiobook in one sitting. Sure I wish it was longer. But You Only Die Twice was a solid story that made me want the killers to “win” in the end.

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