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White Space

White Space - Ilsa J. Bick My full White Space audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

First let me say that I really really wanted to like this audiobook but Bick failed to capture my attention, I do not have a good reason why, just wasn't for me. Getting to the basics of the story, I think the premise and the idea was a great starting point, I just needed so much more. Essentially White Space is about a girl named Emma who "blinks" or her consciousness instantaneously travels to the consciousness of someone else. One of the other someone elses is Lizze the daughter of a man that as become addicted to the use of dark passages, gateways to alternate dimensions, and bringing things back with him. He then places these things in whites spaces. This is not a good thing at all. Confused yet? I sure was. Then we have a plethora of different characters, for each main protagonist to keep track of. The point of view kept switching and I found it difficult to remember where or who I was and what was supposed to be happening. I really think that White Space has a great and imaginative idea behind it, there was just too much happening and switching up characters for me to be able to keep track without writing it all down. At the end I felt exhausted and possibly more confused than before I started. However, this will be right up someones alley and bring them much entertainment and enjoyment, just not me. I would have needed everything to been dumbed down a bit and maybe split into two books, just speculating.

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