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Tarbabies - Allen R. Brady My full Tarbabies audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

The tarbabies, while it wasn't disclosed how they were created, where these shambling slow creatures that hide in the shadows during the day and come out only at night. Here's the interesting part, if you even so much as brush up against a tarbaby, suddenly all pain will leave you and a euphoric hilarity will overcome you, all while the sticky black tar consumes your body and you become on of them, living only to transform the next victim. With stories that boast themselves as a horror novel I really want or look forward to something that I can really sink my teeth into, I want edge of my seat tension, maybe some gory action scenes, a scary or evil villain or a freakishly horrifying monster. Sadly, for me, Allen R. Brady didn't deliver a horror story that I was expecting. However, he created a very interesting science fiction thriller story. I just didn't get sucked in as I have in other horror stories very minimal tense moments. There was one particularly violent action scene that made me want more and there was little else in the department. If you are looking for an easy listening, low stress and violence, sci-fi monster story you will like Tarbabies very much. I am looking forward to more from Bradey as he has a great imagination and a very easy going writing style that I could see creating something really great.

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