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Our Dying Land

Our Dying Land - Edward J. McFadden My full Our Dying Land audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Our Dying Land is a mix of genres – fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, horror and more. The story itself is very complex, well written and captivating. The characters are well developed as is the plot. The author takes environmental terrorism to new heights.

Adan is an isolated hermit-like farmer who has the capability or gift to communicate with plants and ground. His land is lush and full of life where the grounds and farms around his suffer greatly or are already dead. Someone or something is killing the land, at least in Arizona. Unable to grow plants of any kind, Adan’s neighbors seek his help. They have realized he has a secret ability to grow lush plants.

In order to help his neighbors and discover what his father and mother had kept hidden from him for years, he follows a map his father left hidden for him. It is discovered that Adan’s parents were time travellers and were charged with preventing the death of the land – Adan encounters the killer and travels throughout the Amazon jungles to find the secret place and society his parents kept from him. There are several fierce skirmishes resulting in one huge battle. The evil plant killer and Adan meet and struggle to kill one another … In order to communicate directly with the plants – there are chairs out of plants that Adan and a few others sit in so that the plants and the humans draw energy from one another and not only connect their energies but also their minds. What the plants see – so can those in the chair.

The details and descriptions are very vivid. The complexity of the book was amazing. The story flowed well and maintained engagement. Enriched with agricultural language, McFadden drives home the important of plant and land survival.

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