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The First Bird: Episode 1

The First Bird: Episode 1 - Greig Beck My full The First Bird, Episode 1 audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

This is a spin on a couple of old favorites of mine. Indiana Jones mixed with The Land of the Lost with a Chritonesc back drop that kept me interested and wanting to no more. A scientist makes an incredible discovery, races back to civilization to make the announcement to the world. Only to find that he has discovered an incredibly nasty virus. Now a team races against the clock to retrace the steps of the scientist to find a cure.

This being the first of three audio books I understood the need for character building, although I did find it almost excessive. To an extent that it almost interfered with the plot. Ending very abruptly, making me wonder why it was released as a series and not just one book. Maybe this is why they choose to call it episode 1 and not book 1.

I have high hopes for the next "episode" and will be listening to it very soon. I hope that many of the questions created here will be answered.

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