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The Martian

The Martian - Andy Weir My full The Martian audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

The Martian is a life or death comedy of errors, that just so happens to take place on the surface of Mars. Andy Weir starts us off with a Mars expedition that suddenly takes a wrong turn and the crew has to evacuate under emergency conditions, leaving one of their own behind presumed dead. I am pretty sure that Mark Watney wished he was dead but he isn’t and no one knows that he isn't, pretty much fu**ed. A majority of the story is of Watney, a spacecraft engineer, finding a way to communicate to NASA that he is indeed alive and of him finding creative ways not to go completely mad in isolation. I really wish that I had not listened to my head when I decided to not listen to this audiobook, I really really enjoyed all of it and got mad at people when they had the nerve to interrupt me. Here is where Weir won me over, Mark Watney, a NASA astronaut and a spacecraft engineer and the entirety of NASA are working diligently at creating a safe way for Watney to escape the desert of Mars, but continuously make mistakes. Seriously, if it could go wrong it did at some point. Reminding us that sure Watney might be super smart and NASA might be super smart but neither of them are perfect and yes it is true that s**t does happen, even on Mars. And not only once or twice but continuously, helping me relate to everyone as people like as opposed to super geeky scientists. I kind of expected there to be alien creatures or something until I realized that the martian in question was Watney. If you are looking for a space travel science fiction story that is not way out in the future or past or whenever they typically take place, with plenty cursing (not overly done and tasteful), palm of the hand to forehead comedy of errors, with all the technical jargon you can shake a stick at, this is for you.

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