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The Mountain and The City: The Complete Saga

The Mountain and The City: The Complete Saga - Brian Martinez My full The Mountain and the City audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

This felt more like a race against time, with all the build up and sharp let downs. The story is told from the point of view of girl who was abandoned at the age of five, so she talks like she is five. Who's name we don't even discover until the end, survived the apocalypse in a trailer with plastic sheeting, duct tape and a Haz-Mat suit. All of the scences took a lot of time to explain, time that could have been spent elsewhere. Did I mention there are mutants? The girl ends up befriending a child mutant and they embark on a series of hair brain adventures. The dialogue between the two is slow and painful, remember five years old. They first go into the city and narrowly escape capture by going into a cave where the girl ends up taking her mask off and becoming infected. This is where I was lost, the plague infects everybody changing them into blood thirsty mutants but this girl somehow delay’s the effects long enough to tackle all these missions. After escaping that they venture to a military base to re supply when they almost get caught and end up killing one a survivor. By this point the two characters are referring to each other as mother and child. They eventually find a brother to join with him to take back control of the base. For the end the girl and the brother walk off into the sunset for a few days before the girl realizes she loves the mutant child and returns to her.

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