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The Loon

The Loon - Michaelbrent Collings My full The Loon review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

The Loon was an exciting psychological horror with everything that you could ask for. The setting of prison for the criminally insane, aptly nicknamed "The Loon", that's far off in the country, away from anyone that will come poking around, or come to save you from a ridiculous blizzard. Characters that are extravagantly diverse, you have a normal guy showing up for his first day of work as a prison guard that is struggling with actions that killed his own son while trying to save him, a mother and daughter that have escaped and dispatched a horrible and monstrous husband and father, a guard that the narrator insists on making sound like Fat Albert, a crazy and mad scientist that just happens to be the owner and proprietor of the prison, one really scary and brutally insane prisoner, and oh yes the, for lack of a better word, creature, that happened to be the "pet" of our lovely mad scientist. Michaelbrent Collings is quite a story teller, almost too much so, I felt that there was too many descriptions of people and things, I noticed that there were a few descriptive words that he would favor over others, such as "the horror" and others. Many storylines and characters to explore and develop that I think took time away from what could have been spent generating more suspense and gut wrenching horrors. But once everything came together and the climax was reached it was like hell was let loose upon prison where only lucky and likeable characters survived.

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