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The Forest Bull

The Forest Bull - Terry Maggert My full The Forest Bull review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

The Forest Bull is a fantasy through and through, hooked me with the first hour, a good thing. Highly developed protagonist characters, being that there was three to develop, Maggert didn't waste time with the inconsequential information that I didn't really need to know. They were a different kind of killing family, patriarchal, with the leading man, Ring, caring and protecting his two women, which added a very interesting dynamic to the story. Maggert showed skill in being able to write from the male perspective while keeping the female characters very equal in interest. They belong to a secret society that hunt immortals, that seemed very, well, vampire crossed with the creature from Species and very tough and hard to kill. If you caught the hint, there are several sexual situations throughout, but far from erotica and tastefully done. I am so glad I took a chance and was exposed to the world that Maggert created, I will be keeping my ears ope for more powerfully written audiobooks.

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