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Blood-soaked and Invaded

Blood-soaked and Invaded - James  Crawford My full Blood Soaked and Invaded review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Blood Soaked and Invaded: Blood Soaked, Book 2 picks up right where Blood Soaked and Contagious left off, which is a good thing as we were left with a bit of a cliff hanger and Crawford had some explaining to do. It is somewhat slow in the beginning, and very amusing as Frank had to deal with recovering from the seeming debilitating head injury. Personally I found the genre combining a bit tedious, I mean was it necessary to have the aliens? And where and what is going to happen with the governmental agency that showed up? There was a whole lot more talking and plotting and less action than I expected, also several new characters introduced, hope that it was just simple plot building for the next installment. I really enjoyed it, however I was able to let my mind wonder as I wasn’t fully immersed as with book one. As I said sequel seem to be very difficult for authors to pull off well and this was a pretty good attempt, as I will be waiting for book 3, as I am sure there will be, as there is a lot of new avenues to cover.