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Blood Soaked and Contagious

Blood Soaked and Contagious - James  Crawford Please find this complete review at audiobookreview.com and bookie-monster.com

Zombie Fallout fans or Mark Tufo fans in general there is now another player on the zombie apocalypse front and his name is James Crawford. Crawford has created his own unique variety of walking dead, faster, stronger, meaner than the humans they once were, with one important note, they are no smarter that they once were. Along with that there is the protagonist Frank a zombie killer for hire that is an amazing mix of Micheal Talbot and Rambo. With his ultra macho demeanor and non-stop sarcastic thoughts and comments that on more than one occasion made me spontaneously laugh out loud, really I didn't even know it was happening until it was. I got more than a few "looks" from my wife and coworkers. Often times I find that zombie audiobooks try to take themselves so seriously that they miss the connection with the listener. That was not so with Blood Soaked and Contagious: Blood Soaked, Book 1, Crawford doesn't seem to take the whole zombie apocalypse very seriously and that is what made it so much fun. Non stop drama, inappropriate situations and comments, and as the title suggests, blood soaked and disturbing action scenes that kept me engaged and wanting more. I have already gone and purchased book 2 to the series and wish I didn't have other books in the queue right now.