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Micro - Michael Crichton, Richard Preston Micro: A Novel is a book that Michael Crichton started writing before he died and Richard Preston finished. I can only imagine the pressure one must be under to finish writing a book that was started by an icon such as Michael Crichton. Unfortunately I do not think that this book lives up to Crichton’s other epics.

I would describe this story as “Honey, an evil corporation shrunk me and my friends”. In other words a super scientific version of the “Honey, I shrunk the…” movies. It was interesting at times, but I found it to drag on and be less scientifically detailed as Crichton’s other tales. The characters were underdeveloped, the dialog was forced and dated. It is pretty obvious who wrote most of the book.

I did not finish listening to this audiobook, I found myself lost and bored.

Narrator Review

John Bedford Lloyd’s narration, while being completely professional and clear, was boring and often monotone. I had a difficult time noticing character changes, emotions and the like. Although I do not think that it is 100% Mr. Lloyd’s fault. He did the best that we could with what was given to him.

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