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Plague War

Plague War - Jeff Carlson ABR's full Plague War: The Author's Cut audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

A mixture of military and post-apocalyptic thriller set in the not too distant future, Plague War captivates it’s audience with several gut wrenching ideas (not necessary new ones) that are communicated clearly and concisely thus making them very real!

Nanotechnology that was designed to create cures for diseases takes an unexpected turn – it is released and begins to eat at all living organisms – plant, animal and human alike – destroying them. Only those that escape and live in the mountains – 10,000 feet above survive.

Staged in the war torn U.S., Dr. Ruth Goldman, Cam, and Nemocheck struggle to reach a military base in Colorado, escape from Leadville and deliver the vaccine to the good guys. Amidst an invasion by China and Russia, our heroes must deliver the vaccine while dodging nuclear bombs, invading forces and their own people!

This book also focuses on the power struggle of nations as well as survival of humankind – we are our own worst enemy. Communications break-down, bombs are no longer a threat but a reality. As if this is not enough, Ruth must find the origin of a ghost nanotech that has taken up residency in the vaccine while navigating a romance.

Well written with high levels of anxiety inducing moments, Carlson achieves a well-developed, very real like plot with twists that leave one wondering what he has in store for them next. An excellent read for those who love military thrillers and those who love relationship themed reads.

Audiobook provided for review by the narrator.