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Roll of the Die

Roll of the Die - Sean Patrick Bridges My full Roll of the Die audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Excellent audio book.

A struggling ex-con, Riley Toback, finds himself unwillingly drawn back into crime. Riley is a loner who breaks his own rules and joins forces with his debt ridden brother-in-law to pull off a heist at a Jersey Shore nightclub owned by an Indian mob boss.

Unfortunately, the Indian mob boss, Karim Rashid catches him and his brother-in-law. True to form, the brother-in-law is “swimming with the fishes” and Riley is faced with a deadly game of chance.

Russian Roulette Las Vegas style! Throw of a die and a revolver loaded with one bullet. With his life and the life of his wife and new born son, Riley is trapped and finds he must enter into the life changing game ‘666.’ Six contestants, six chambers in the revolver and six sided die.

The throw of the die dictates how many times the revolver is fired. One bullet is placed in the chamber and the chamber is spun. Survivors can win up to $6 million dollars – is it worth it? For several of the contestants – yes; for Riley – money is nothing, just the safety of his family is important.

Several twists, friendships and interesting characters make this book action filled and hard to step away.

The plot is well written and characters developed fully; shows a seedier side of Las Vegas and of humanity. Sometimes the ex-con is not the bad guy!

Bob Dunsworth is the narrator and does an excellent job of reading. His voice portrays the gravelly voice of ex-con Riley perfectly. The sound effects – microphone is excellent and adds to the reality of the story. Clear spoken, Dunsworth does an excellent Indian, Russian and American accent. I could “see” the characters as Bridges was reading.

I enjoyed the audio book immensely. I did find there was a lot of foul language however, given the style and plot of the book, it is not gratuitous.

Audiobook provided for review by the author.