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The Missing Files (Joe Ledger)

The Missing Files (Joe Ledger) - Jonathan Maberry My full Joe Ledger: The Missing Files audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

I don't normally review anthologies of short stories. My rules are mine to break. Really the only reason that that I am is to satisfy my own curiosity, and to learn more about what drives Joe Ledger and makes him what he is today.

There really isn't a whole lot to review here. Joe ledger story short stories, full of everything you would expect from Jonathan Maberry. If you are a true and I mean true Joe Ledger fan you have already picked this title up or if you're like me you been humming and hawing and waiting for the right time. Well the time has come.

One story is a simple introduction to Joe Ledger, much of this we know already is we listened to Patient Zero, still good to hear. One story intertwines with Patient Zero and is yet separate. One story gives an introduction to my favorite literary canine, Ghost. Another twists together, what I though were parallel universes, the Pine Deep series with the DMS. And the last really gets you inside Ledger's head.

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