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Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here - Edward J. McFadden My full Anywhere but Here review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Anywhere But Here was a very fast paced quick listen that could have been expanded upon to fill 300-400 pages or 8 or more hours. It is a tale of the love that a father feels for his family and especially his son, and what the father is willing to do for them. With almost every imaginable science fiction element including but not limited to zombies, time travel, superior alien beings. You would think with all of that going on that this would feel cramped, but it didn't there was the overall time travel theme with snippets of everything else. After listening to Anywhere But Here I am intrigued to find more from Edward J. McFadden III as he seems to have a handle on how to develop interesting relatable characters that get into compromising and fun, for the listener, situations.

Audiobook provided for review by the narrator.