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Blood Relations

Blood Relations - Caroline Frechette My full Blood Relations: A Family By Choice Novel review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Blood Relations: A Family By Choice Novel was a look into the life of a young man, Alex, that has a special gift, some would call it a power or super power. The problem is that this young man has such a low self esteem and cares way too much about what other people are thinking about him and spends too much time scheming so people will like or accept him. I would think if I was so unique that I would be very outgoing and potentially fearless. Having been exposed to so many syndicate organizations via movies and television the organization that Alex is involved with seems pretty tame. Struggling to keep control of the clubs they have while a rouge group of vampires come to town and try to get to the head boss. The driving force behind the whole story is Alex coming evolving out of a young man to an adult and encountering new situations and trying to make the best of it. I struggled to stay engaged while listening as I am more used to more action, more deceit, just more.

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