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Ex-Purgatory (Ex-Heroes, #4)

Ex-Purgatory (Ex-Heroes, #4) - Peter Clines My full Ex-Purgatory review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

In this fourth book to his successful Ex-Heroes series Clines changes things up from what we have become used to from this ragtag bunch of super heroes. Clines strays from the “Now” and “Then” perspectives to give us a fully fluid story. He also strays from the action packed hold on to your seats super power thrill ride and moved to a story that is more of a mystery thriller that just happens to take place to super heroes and during the zombie apocalypse. It says a lot about an author who is confident enough in his base story and his writing skills to change everything mid-series. Clines was able to pull me in, keep my interest high, connection strong with all the characters and made me ready for book five that I will buy without question or thinking twice, even with all the change ups.