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Nexus - Ramez Naam My full Nexus audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Nexus starts off like a punch to the solar plexus, hits you real hard and fast and leave you trying desperately to catch your breath. Takes place in a time where technology is king and everyone has it integrated into their lives in one way or another. Imagine in the not so distant future being able get part of you upgraded, tiered or breaking bones, how about carbon fiber replacements, sick of having to use a computer, how about integrating one in your head. And with all of this the need for stronger and stronger drugs, recreational or otherwise, becomes the forefront of most peoples lives. Imagine taking a drug that can increase all of your senses 1000 fold, and have you become one with all other that are on the same drug, this is Nexus. We are quickly introduced to the world I just tried to describe, along with several complex and interesting characters, A rouge scientist, a governmental agent, and a military spy. So everything is going along like the greatest Techno-Triller I have ever listened to and the everyone goes to Thailand and the storyline quickly takes a turn into more of a modern detective, whodunnit that just happens to have ridiculous amount to tech. I was hooked from the very start but sadly I started to become less and less interested until the very end, which just happens to be just as exciting as the beginning and I will be checking out book 2 sometime soon.

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