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Audiobook Review: The Book of Riley, Part 3

The Book of Riley 3 A Zombie Tale (The Book of Riley #3) - Mark Tufo

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I have enjoyed Mark Tufo’s books immensely – he has never disappointed.  I was a bit skeptical at first about “seeing” the zombie apocalypse through an American bulldogs eyes, but I should have known that Tufo does NOT disappoint (I’m sure the word is NOT in his vocabulary!).

This is part 3 in a series of novellas.  Jess and Zack are humans struggling to reach Mike Talbott’s family (see Zombie Fallout Series to meet this fun and adventuresome family).   Continuing her travels Jess, with the help of Riley, Patches (the cat) and BenBen (a Yorkshire Terrier pup), she has to make sure her less than 2 year old brother makes it there alive.

In this part, they break free from the evil villain, Icely, and takes one of his brides to freedom.  Along the way this strange pack encounters zombies and decent folks who try to help them.  No one is really prepared to battle Icely and his thugs who are hunting them down.  In Icely’s mind, no one gets away especially a “bitch.”

Of course, Tufo wouldn’t be Tufo if he didn’t wring emotions out of his readers – you will laugh (and find yourself craving bacon), cheer, gasp, and cry all in sitting.  He weaves his magic so that you become entrenched with his characters and his plot – there is no escaping his writing style!  You will find yourself immersed in this horrifying zombie apocalypse where luck has fled and fighting alongside the pack until the end.

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